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If you want people, such as family and old friends, to find you then use your real name! Also, you can include your Maiden Name like you would a middle name. This helps college and/or high school friends find you.

A Closer Look at Facebook


Questions to Consider

Here are some things to think about with regards to Facebook and other Social Networks that you or your child may join:
• How much personal information are you willing to share? (Birthday, city, school, photos, friends list, etc.)
• What does 'friendship' mean?
• How much do you know about the network?
• How will you handle inappropriate content on your site? On your child's site?
• How will you approach your child about joining your network, or you joining theirs? Is this approach respectful to them?
• Who would your child turn to in order to deal with an online issue? Would they come to you?